The original recommendation of December 2010 always anticipated that GRD would be developed based on existing technology solutions. At the time ICE (International Copyright Enterprise) was the sole technology solution chosen. During the Scoping Study however, it became clear that the project would benefit from the addition to FastTrack as a part of the technology solution, mainly because it is a tool already widely used across the collective management organisations around the world.

ICE is a Services Company wholly and jointly owned and funded by PRS for Music and STIM. ICE is based in Sweden and employs 75 staff that manage a database of 16 million copyright data records that supports PRS for Music and STIM distributions of over £640m (€720m) per annum. The ICE system is a state of the art, centralised, multi-territory copyright system designed and developed by ICE. It went live in January 2010 and provides a consolidated copyright works and publishing agreements database which has been proven to deliver information services to support the operations of PRS for Music and STIM. Since its launch the ICE Operations have provided the authoritative copyright reference data to successfully support over 25 royalty distributions for PRS for Music, MCPS and STIM members. There are a number of core services provided which revolve around works and agreements registration.

FastTrack SAS is a global technical alliance among twelve Music Copyright Shareholder societies in ten different countries. FastTrack was founded in 2000 in order to build a global, decentralized network that allows our Shareholder societies to share data on copyright documentation for musical and audio-visual works, and to streamline internal operations. The main benefit of the FastTrack copyright network is rapid and more efficient copyright documentation, permitting timely and accurate royalty distributions. The sharing of technological expertise and development costs, combined with the power of a network computing architecture using the Internet, is delivering substantial benefits for the creators and rights-owners represented by FastTrack Shareholder societies.